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Hello, Welcome to my Chocolate blog site!

I am Juergen Schulz, and I am participating in the Xocai Chocolate movement.

I specialise in the anti-aging effects of chocolate. After the age of 65 your body no longer utilises what you consume effectively which makes it very difficult to combat inevitable disease. It is wise to try to reach the age of 65 at the most optimal healthy state possible.

Obviously consistently fighting the aging battle is essential. There are many possibilities out there that will help you fight this process, HOWEVER, most people, it is proved, can not follow any eating program CONSISTENTLZ. I battled with this myself. The ONLY product I found that I can consistently consume WILLINGLY without internal conflict is CHOCOLATE. I eat it freely without requiring internal or external motivation. I believe that this is my secret. My health has improved dramatically and has given me a great opportunity to catch up a litte since I am now 65 and more healthy than I was at 60.

Not all chocolate is created equal though. It is important to consume the right chocolate. I have discovered this chocolate and it is the one that has made the difference.

If you are interested in learning more about the Xocai Chocolate, please feel free to send me a note from my contact page. Perhaps this video is important to watch before you embark on this fabulous journey of eating delicious Belgium chocolate that is processed differently to others.

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Feel free to browse my articles about Xocai Chocolate products and happenings on my lekker24 home page at http://lekker24.darkchocolateblog.com/

Thank you for stopping by, I am looking forward to hearing from you.